The Gyrotonic Method is highly successful when included in treatment plans and maintenance for Physical Therapy patients.  It is also highly effective as athletic cross-training and safe, low impact exercise for anyone looking to increase mobility, flexibility, strength, detoxification and neuromuscular connections.  We've taken on the licensed trade name, Gyrotonic South Orange County, to establish our center as a resource for dedicated training for movers and movement professionals.  We are located in the beautiful beach town of San Clemente near Capo Beach and Dana Point.  


Aldous Huxley

"Change is only possible 

through movement."

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JB, Business Professional

I've done many different types of body movement over the years... Barre, yoga, pilates, aerobics, walking, running, bike riding, and the like. Gyrotonic is unlike any of those. It has helped me understand not only how I hold my body in certain ways to compensate for my significant spinal asymmetries, but, also how to reprogram those patterns so that I have expanded movement and reduced or eliminated pain. I feel freer, lighter, more balanced and aligned because of Gyrotonic, with greater range and mobility, and ease of motion.

Gyrotonic Pulley Tower Class

Will, Business Professional, Bicycle, Pilates, Yoga Enthusiast

Testimonal Coming Soon


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Karen, Retired

Gyrotonic movement is now my life long passion!  I am more flexible that I was at 20 years old and now I am 65.  My body looks and feels better than it has in over a decade.  And it's so much fun!!!  Love these guys! 

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Terri, Personal Trainer
(Photo Coming Soon)

You guys, your studio and this movement speak to my soul like nothing has in years!  Thank you for your authentic care and educated, intuitive skills... and for providing unimaginable knowledge and support. I consider you as gurus and mentors. You are truly what your intentions have created.


What is The Gyrotonic Method?  


Gyrotonic movement and exercises are executed with specialized Gyrotonic equipment, created by Juliu Horvath, a former Romanian dancer, yogi, and gifted visionary of how the body moves organically, physically, and energetically.  There is focus on spinal mobility, articulation of the joints, core strength, and internal power with release of restrictions in the body.  Stabilization is accomplished simultaneously with pliability, movement, and ease.  This is what makes the method so amazing fro the demands of athletes.  To read more about the history, educational process, and locations of studios and clinics worldwide that offer Gyrotonic training, please visit the international headquarters website at  

What is the difference between the Gyrotonic Method and Pilates?  

What is Gyrokinesis?