Physical Therapy Orange County

Physical Therapy Orange County | Best Physical Therapy Orange County

Wav Wellness and Vitality offers physical therapy in Orange County, California. We believe in treating the entire individual and take a hands on approach that is backed by many years of experience in manual therapy along with a unique philosophy of holistic movement and integration. We treat issues from basic musculoskeletal dysfunction to complex neurological impairment, we are able to  make improvements in every age demographic and activity level.

Gyrotonic Physical Therapy

Best Physical Therapy Orange County

Physical Therapy is the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods including massage, heat treatment and exercise as opposed to taking drugs or going through surgery. We offer a holistic way to heal your body with exercise movements that are designed to strengthen certain areas of your body and offer you a full range of motion.

Physical Therapists Orange County

At Wav Wellness and Vitality, we offer one on one physical therapy sessions with our doctor of physical therapy and our certified trainer to maximize the outcomes of your session and offer long lasting results. Experience more strength, mobility and flexibility when you enroll in Wav Wellness and Vitality's physical therapy in Orange County, California.

Physical Therapy in Orange County CA

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Alicia Parrish Gyrokinesis
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Betty S.
Moved from Florida a few months a ago. So fortunate to find Scott when I searched for a structural integrative massage therapist. I've just completed 10 sessions with him and feel fantastic! Scott is knowledgeable and passionate about his work. His form of therapy is thorough and educational.
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