1-on-1 Private Training 

in South Orange County

Our expert trainers are certified in the Gyrotonic Method and  often hold other degrees and certifications in movement/health related fields such as Physical Therapists, Bodyworkers, and professional dancers.  We pride ourselves in providing a nurturing, challenging atmosphere at the comfort zone of our clients, and work at the highest level of safe, life changing movement and revitalizing mind-body practices.   

In Person or Virtual Appointments

In person appointments allow access to Gyrotonic Towers and Gyrotonic Specialized Equipment such as the Jump Stretch Board, Archway, Leg Extension Unit and Gyrotoner as well as appointments which can include bodywork or physical therapy on site.  


We can also travel to you for appointments or offer a virtual session, in which case we will not use equipment but have many tools/props in addition to Gyrokinesis mat and stool work which can be modified for any body. 


Applications and Benefits

Applications For: 

Golfers, tennis players, dancers, swimmers, equestrians, surfers, runners, yogis, pilates and more athletic enthusiasts.  

Therapeutic Applications :

All Physical Therapy clients, scoliosis, pre/post partum and maternity, neurological disorders including MS, Parkinson's, post-stroke, post traumatic experience, due to the attention t the nervous system.  

For any body, of any age or ability level-- as Gyrotonic exercise is fully adaptable.