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"Changing our behavior is the single most important step in preventing and reversing chronic disease."  - Chris Kresser M.S., L.Ac 


What is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach?

Integrative Nutrition graduates are 

educated in various dietary theories, focusing equally on Primary Foods which encompasses all facets of our life:  Our spiritual, social, family, financial, career, fitness, play, and more.  Our secondary foods are known as the food on our plate.  Food is powerful and can be medicinal, but may not solve everything in and of itself.  We need love, support and self-care alongside a healthy diet.  We do not replace your doctor and we do not prescribe diets.  We do however, support your process in finding out what works for you, honoring your unique bio-individuality.  Having the support of a qualified health coach has shown to greatly improve patient outcomes and are becoming more widely utilized in the medical field. Busy and focused doctors many times are not able to give the outside support and guidance it may take to help you make the necessary changes you need to make in your life to achieve your health goals.  We are here to bridge that gap, and help you to find that best part of yourself that deserves to shine through.  


Are you feeling...
  Stressed Out

Does this sound similar to your feelings at times?  

Or-- perhaps you know what it takes and just need that added support or cheerleader from the sidelines to keep yourself on track?  

We are all in this together!  

You are not alone!  We are here to provide safe place as your sounding board and to provide ideas, tools and accountability so YOU can continually clarify your intent and reach your goals and live a full, happy, healthy and balanced life.   

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Alicia's Story

My name is Alicia Parrish, Movement Educator and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  Here is a short version of my story!

About 4 years ago my body hit a breaking point.  What all started as what appeared to be a toothache, turned into months of continued pain, a diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia, and being told the pain was "in my head."  I was offered heavy-hitting medications and decided early on this was not the route for me.  

I started acupuncture and reset my diet. It was a slow process but I greatly improved, recognizing trigger foods and new food sensitivities I never had before.  My struggle to overcome adrenal fatigue continued to improve as well as pain relief.  Fast forward a few years, I became an expert at cooking healthy, whole foods and as a result, dropped a little extra weight I had been carrying and managed my symptoms pretty well. Then, I had a setback after a routine surgery where my autoimmune symptoms started taking over.  My nerve pain alarmingly increased and I suffered from the most severe chronic fatigue I had ever experienced.  

I chose to work with a functional MD to find the root of my issues with great success, customizing my supplementation and working to help my body to detoxify and get back into balance.  I don't know what I would have done without my Gyrotonic practice which supported my healing journey through so much attention to my nervous system as well as nourishing movement, as gentle and effective as I needed to become very strong again.  My journey continues!  After completing my health & nutrition coaching certification, I realized my journey needed to go beyond just food, encompassing my whole being, addressing past trauma, learning to love myself, practicing self-care, giving myself permission to pay attention to all facets of my life.  My vision is to support others in their journey, through invaluable movement training which I am so passionate about, and taking it a little further as clients were already starting to ask me for advice beyond their training sessions. All roads have led me here!  I know that our lifestyle, food, and gut health are literally-- everything and can rid us of depression, mental illness, autoimmune disease, hormone balancing, and all other chronic diseases.  Food is to enjoy, to be our sustenance, and can serve as our medicine. I believe in modern medicine and also believe in the power we have to prevent and greatly improve outcomes in our health.


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