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You’ve probably heard it mentioned before, but what is The Gyrotonic Method?  Gyro-what?  Step aside yoga and pilates, we think you're great, but The Gyrotonic Method takes you a step further and deeper, which provides lasting results and helps those yogis and pilates enthusiasts.  This sophisticated method builds strength, flexibility, and mobility while integrating the ne


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Gyrotonic Training South Orange County

Wav Wellness and Vitality provide Gyrotonic training sessions that offer the mind and body the same benefits as yoga but with much more fluid movement. Practicing Gyrotonics regularly is very beneficial as it can help improve poor posture, remove waste and lymph fluids, build lean muscle and help center the mind.

What is the Gyrotonic Method

What is Gyrotonic Pilates

The Gyrotonic Method can take the body beyond its current limitations, it is a method that transcends the typical exercise systems bringing every facet of the human body to complete harmony, balance and strength providing wellness and vitality throughout. Improve your body today with Gyrotonics.

What is Gyrotonic Training

Mary G.
Gyrotonic is an amazing training for vitality, flexibility, and strength. I've done Gyrotonic since 2000 with some fabulous trainers in Seattle. When I relocated to San Juan Capistrano in 2017, I was looking to find a Gyro studio with top notch trainers. I was thrilled to find the WAV studio. And even more thrilled to find Alicia and Scott Parrish. They are amazing trainers! WAV is a beautiful place to work out.
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