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Find significant improvement and relief at WAV PT with manual therapy, soft tissue and joint manipulation, and therapeutic movement and breath utilizing the GYROTONIC® Method.  

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Scoliosis is an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine. It is most often diagnosed in childhood or early adolescence but can develop later in life.  


Lordosis and Kyphosis

The thoracic spine has a kyphotic curve naturally.  But if it’s too much curve then it can cause the appearance of a hunchback.  Usually, this occurs in the upper back between the shoulder blades.  Alternately, the lumbar also has a natural lordotic curve but if that curve is too much, it causes the appearance of a swayback which can cause a whole array of problems as well.  


There are a few known causes including neuromuscular conditions, such as Cerebral Palsy or Muscular Dystrophy, or less often, birth defects affecting the development of the bones of the spine, but for most cases, there is no known medically cause. 


There are many possible symptoms and effects of scoliosis, lordosis, and kyphosis.  Here are several that might sound familiar to you:  


  • Curved posture

  • Difficulty sitting, standing, walking, balancing, sitting up straight, opening the chest

  • Difficulty taking deep breaths (reduced lung/pulmonary function)

  • Imbalanced shoulders/pelvis

  • Inability to connect or stabilize in certain positions

  • Compensations patterns causing a chain reaction of other inbalances

  • Compression of the spine and joints

  • Humpback

  • Protruding Rib

  • Pain

  • Nerve damage, weakness, numbness

  • Lack of mobility

  • Reduction in height 


How We Treat:

Regardless of the severity of the curvature, there are ways to help maintain the current level of function and mobility, reduce pain, and in some cases reduce the severity of the curve.  Each treatment plan will vary in terms of how we approach, depending on where the curvatures exist and how the body has compensated up to this point.  


Manual Therapy:

Manual Therapy is a crucial component of the treatment plan.  Typically with scoliosis, we will have certain areas where the tissue (muscle and fascia) will be locked in a shortened position and other areas that will be locked in a lengthened state. There will be segments of the spine where joints are compressed and other joints that are stretched.  Using hands-on techniques to manipulate the tissue and vertebral joints, we can bring as much balance as possible throughout the spine and pelvis, reducing the overall chronic tension allowing the spine to take a more favorable position. Increasing function, mobility, and reducing pain overall.


The GYROTONIC® Method:

There are a few techniques that you may see that are used in the therapy world that specialize in treating scoliosis.  At WAV PT and Gyrotonic South Orange County, we incorporate the Gyrotonic Method in our plan of care.  While it is a stand-alone treatment, Gyrotonic movement is an extremely useful tool in conjunction with manual therapy.  With the Gyrotonic Method, we are able to work through different movement patterns with intent, corresponding breath and the use of the feedback of the pulley system on the tower and specialized equipment to support and provide smooth, clear resistance to restore balance throughout the entire body.  We build deep strength in areas that are not firing correctly and bring space to areas that have been congested.  One of the main goals in treating scoliosis is to bring more lift, decompression with stabilization and suspension to the spine as a whole, which is inherently built into the Gyrotonic Method.  We also utilize more clinical, specific modifications and applications beyond the basic curriculum, staying true to the principles of the system.  


In many of the cases that we treat we have been successful in keeping the curvature from getting worse, improving overall function, mobility, and comfort, and in less severe cases, we are able to reduce the amount of the curvature.  Clients find that a regular maintenance plan is enjoyable and brings relief to their day to day lives.  


If you have not had success in finding relief or would like support to reach your personal goals, please come in for a consultation to see how we can help! 

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