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In Dr. Parrish's experience as a practitioner of Structural Integration for many years and having a deep understanding of the work Ida Rolf did regarding  the fascial network, he was very pleased to see that her work is a substantial element of the Manual Therapy that is currently taught in Physical Therapy Schools.  In PT Manual Therapy courses, Ida’s work is repeatedly referenced and has shown to be a powerful tool in treating soft tissue and joint dysfunctions.  This is why we at WAV PT continue to offer the Structural Integration Series as a stand alone service. The entire process of releasing the stored chronic tension throughout and realigning the body from head to toe creates a more functional body with a different relationship with gravity, erasing poor mechanical behaviors and patterns allowing for a reduction in pain cycles and musculoskeletal dysfunction.  Bottom line, Structural Integration works  and can change your life. 

Dr. Scott Parrish, Physical Therpist, is also a Certified Rolfer SNI Practitioner

Have you been "Rolfed?"

Many clients have said, “Oh I’ve been Rolfed before."   In response we ask if they have been through the entire series?  Many times people state that they have had a couple sessions by a Rolfer.   If this is the case, then you have not been Rolfed.  The magic behind the work is the “entire” series.  If you have only had a couple of sessions you are missing the key underlying element that all of the lines of fascial connection must be addressed in order to correct dysfunctional patterns of holding in the body.  

Different Forms of Structural Integration

There are a variety of schools that offer programs to become a certified Structural Integrator that are all based on the original teachings of Ida Rolf. The most recognized are Rolfing, Soma Neuromuscular Integration, and Hellerwork.  Soma Neuromuscular Integration (SNI) and Hellerwork were the first to branch off from Ida Rolf's teaching and now there are many more around the world.  Both SNI and Hellerwork stay true to the original recipe of Rolf but there are a few differences.  One of the side effects of Structural Integration experienced by the person receiving the work can be a psychological or emotional response as our life experience can become intertwined into the deepest layers of our tissue and when this tissue is released the byproduct may be emotional in nature.  Bill Williams, developer of SNI and a PHD in Psychology recognized this phenomenon with his workings with Ida and was granted the opportunity to apply his understanding of Psychology to the structural work.  With SNI the participant is given an opportunity to understand this process and express the experience through journaling and given literature that corresponds to the work.  With Hellerwork the emotional aspect of the work is addressed via dialogue during the sessions.  Dr. Parrish personally feels that the emotional and psychological elements are very personal and are best addressed with a psychologist or licensed counselor.  

SOMA Neuromuscular Integration SNI® By Definition

SOMA SNI® is a system of bodywork which works by way of the fascial (connective tissue) network to release chronic, stored structural aberrations and effectively realign the entire body. 

As the term ‘neuromuscular’ implies, SOMA Neuromuscular Integration® affects both neurological and structural systems.  Changes in structure are accomplished primarily through manipulation of fascia and muscles, whereas the neurological effect is both physiological as well as psychological.  Put simply, what happens to the body happens to the mind and visa versa. 

While going through the SNI series, the body rebalances itself in gravity, becoming more efficient in function and healthier with greater resistance to disease and injury.  People notice more coordination, increased mobility, increased clarity, creativity and perceptive skills and overall sense of well being.  SOMA is perfect for the elite athlete looking to maximize their potential, and the everyday person dealing with chronic pain looking to improve how they feel in their body, including pre/post op patients. 

In addition to the physical benefits, SOMA can provide profound relief from ADD/ADHD symptoms in children and adults, depression, and more.  

Clients continue follow up 'Somassage' tune-ups and many choose to repeat the series multiple times (after some time in between, sometimes a year or more) for continued improvement in their bodies.  

The 11 Sessions

Session 1: Rib Cage 
Focus: Releasing the tissue surrounding the rib cage and lengthen the lower back. 
Results: A sense of lightness and well-being, a more upright posture and fuller deeper breathing.

Session 2: Legs & Feet 
Focus: The body's foundation: lower legs and feet. 
Results: A sense of being firmly grounded and in touch with reality. 

Session 3: Sides 
Focus: The relationship between pelvis, ribcage and shoulder girdle.

Results: Expanded breathing, greater relaxation and more immediately available energy. 

After session 3, clients have the choice if they decide not to continue. Once we begin session 4, it's time to commit to the end of the series!   

Sessions 4, 5 & 6: Vertical Core 
Focus: Adjust and lengthen the center line, or core, that runs vertically through the body. 
Results: Better balance and freedom of movement.  
Walking takes a fraction of the energy typically expended. 

Session 7: Head and Neck 
Focus: Release the muscles of the neck, face and head. 
Results: More softened and relaxed appearance in the face, with increased self-reliance and personal power. 

Sessions 8, 9 & 10: Integration 
Focus: Integrate the whole body in a new and more efficient manner. 
Results: Less stress and increased energy as the body's structure becomes better aligned with gravity. 

Arm Session 
Focus: Release and integrate the arms and shoulders. 
Results: A lighter experience of the arms, greater ease through the shoulders, an experience of more connection through the entire torso. 

"So fortunate to find Scott when I searched for a structural integrative massage therapist.  I've just completed 10 sessions with him and feel fantastic! Scott is knowledgeable and passionate about his work. His form of therapy is thorough and educational. WAV Wellness is reliable, providing professional bodywork services - highly recommend them!"  ~Betty Ann, Client

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