Meet the WAV PT Team



Scott began his therapeutic career over 20 years ago entering in to a massage therapy program in Los Gatos, California.  It was here that he found a passion and love for working with and manipulating the body to bring relief from pain and to improve people’s overall health.  After working in the field for a couple of years and developing a knack and improving his skills, he went back to school at the University of California Santa Cruz and received his Bachelors in Biology. 


After graduating and spending some time traveling (and surfing!) upon returning home met his then to be wife and before long found himself in Washington State.  It was here that he discovered the Soma Institute of Neuromuscular Integration (Structural Integration- A branch of Ida Rolf’s original work).  This was a very thorough exploration in to the world of manipulating Fascia and how to resolve stored chronic tension and restore function to the entire body.  It gave him an incredible new understanding along with improved hands on skills.


It was also in Washington State where Scott was introduced to the Gyrotonic Method of movement and exercise.  Gyrotonic focuses on the entire body as a whole, every part of the organism is important in movement and any weakness along the lines of connection can be problematic.  Both of these experiences changed the way he understood the body and how it moves through gravity. 


After practicing these new skill sets for a number of years, he knew that he wanted to deepen his understanding and hone his craft even further and set out to study Physical Therapy.  He and his family moved back to California in order to attend the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (USA) where he received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.  He is very proud of his experience at USA as it has taught him how to incorporate all of these skill sets along with an extensive knowledge in anatomy, human physiology, and Manual Therapy lending him the ability to be a powerful clinician. 


He now resides in San Clemente California where he and his wife have opened a very unique and special clinic incorporating over 20 years and 15,000 hours of hands on experience, the world renowned Gyrotonic Method, and the extensive education provided in the Physical Therapy program hoping to change the ordinary typical therapy experience.  When you visit the clinic, you will very quickly realize that you have found something new and unique.  



Alicia is an empath, almost always smiling, and is passionate about movement and holistic health.  With a background as a former classical ballet dancer/educator, she has been practicing the Gyrotonic Method for nearly 20 years. Born and raised in the Bay Area in Northern California, she lived in Seattle where she established and directed a large, successful dance conservatory for over 16 years.


Even while running the dance school, her passion was in movement mechanics and connecting with others.  So, during the years of running the school, she certified as a Gyrotonic trainer with Juliu Horvath, creator of the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Methods, and is now certified in Level I, II, Gyrokinesis, all of the specialized equipment and is a Gyrotonic Pre-Trainer under Specialized Master Trainer, Karen Mullen. ('Pre-Training' is the first step in the Gyrotonic teacher training process.)  


Alicia had the privilege of working very closely with Karen for years while living in Seattle, inside and outside official course settings, spending a great deal of time on modifications, therapeutic applications, Level II material prior to it's current organized format, and Gyrokinesis practice and training prior to its current format.  In fact, it all changed while she was pregnant with her third child and took some time off--so she went back and took the trainings a second time with other Master Trainers once she moved back to California.  Always learning, always growing!  

After moving around the West Coast, selling the dance studio, supporting Dr. Scott while he completed his doctorate, teaching and continuing to study with Karen and other Master Trainers, she is thrilled to have put down roots in San Clemente, CA where WAV and GYROTONIC® SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY can stay to serve our local community and Gyrotonic family!  


Alicia most recently decided to go back to school during the pandemic, completing her certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  This allows her to work with clients in a deeper way, coaching through movement, lifestyle and food as medicine, sharing her own personal journey.  


Alicia, her husband Dr. Scott, and her youngest 13-year old son, Schae, reside in San Clemente, CA.   She is also proud mom to her two other children, now ages 22 and 27, living in Hawaii and back in the bay area!  

While Alicia has a strong dance background, she prefers to work with all body types, backgrounds and ages, as well as trainers and movement professionals. Book a free consultation, health history or first movement session with Alicia today by clicking below!  



Katie is a skilled bodyworker, energy healing practitioner, Usui Reiki Master and Structural Integration (Rolfing) practitioner certified by the NEWSSI in Laguna Beach, and more recently has gone through her Gyrotonic Teacher Training and is completing her apprenticeship!  


Katie has a professional background of 15 years in corporate marketing among Fortune 500 companies in mobile technology. After a life-changing turn of events and beating uterine cancer, she shifted her career to holistic health.


After having sustained many competitive soccer injuries, further exacerbated by limited movement during long hours and many years in a high-stress corporate career, she understands the frustration of having little time and patience to attempt endless treatments for pain, which for her culminated in unsuccessful back surgery and dependency on narcotics.


Katie experienced dramatic change when she experienced the Structural Integration Ten Series and it's why she's so inspired to share this and her other holistic service offerings, including Gyrotonic training, with others!  

You can book a session with Katie through WAV or visit her website below to learn more!



Vicki Kaufholz is a Pilates instructor certified (Mat, Reformer, Cadillac and Chair) from ABC Pilates with Balanced Body curriculum.  She has been an avid student of Pilates for the past 18 years and moved on to certify as a Gyrotonic Trainer in 2018.  She has continued her education in courses dealing with scoliosis and neurological conditions as well.  

Vicki was introduced to Pilates after suffering with a back ailment in 1999.  It was through her Pilates studies that she found the deep connection of mind and body.  

Vicki hopes to help her clients achieve a deeper understanding of their own mind/body connection and to guide them in achieving their fitness goals regardless of injuries or illness.  



Born on Molokai, Rachel is a down-to-earth, approachable and talented movement trainer, surfer girl and outdoor enthusiast! She certified with Marie Jose Blom from Long Beach Dance Conditioning and has been teaching for over 13 years.  


Rachel is certified in Pilates, has her 200-hour yoga certification, and is certified in Bhodi, TRX, Lagree, wall yoga, spin, and as a Flexologist.  She has taught windsurfing, surfing, SurfSET, and has coached volleyball and basketball.  


Rachel was featured in Surfline and was selected as one of the top 20 persons changing the surfing industry in Foam Magazine through pilates training.  Since connecting with us at WAV, Rachel has also been practicing the Gyrotonic Method weekly in our classes.  


Rachel is loving life living here in San Clemente with her son, Noah, and believes that movement is an art.  We agree!  



Liz is passionate about helping her clients heal and get back to enjoying life. Her warm and caring nature will put you at ease!  Her highly specialized manual therapy skills will speed your recovery and relieve your pain fast.


She is licensed Physical Therapist of 26 years with specialized training in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy and Visceral Mobilization.  She is a registered yoga teacher certified by Yoga Alliance and trained in the Iyengar tradition. She is also a certified Pilates instructor through APPI (Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute) and the founder of her own practice Yoga/Pilates Physical Therapy.  She is currently a student of Structural Integration at NEWSSI in Laguna Beach.


For the past 24 years, she has been integrating her extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of Physical Therapy with the therapeutic benefits of Iyengar yoga and rehabilitation-based Pilates to offer a more comprehensive and holistic approach to total patient care.  She can help those with chronic pain using the latest evidence-based pain science approach.  Come meet her and enjoy one of her Therapeutic Yoga and Pilates classes here at WAV!  You can schedule a session or class through WAV or visit her website below to learn more!


As a therapist, Rachel works with adolescents, adults, couples, and families. She has various focuses and trainings, with a heart-centered passion for working with teen girls and adult men & women. She also facilitates various therapy groups for adolescents and young adults. 

  • Specialties: Adolescents, Young Adults, Adults

  • Modalities: Individual, Family

  • Areas of Expertise: Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Eating Disorders, Life Adjustments

  • Telehealth: If you live in a different area (in the state of CA) or you are not able to come to my office in person, I do offer online counseling via HIPAA compliant video chat

Rachel holds a Master’s Degree is in Psychology, with emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, and Bachelor's is in Psychology. She works with both teens and adults using a holistic, humanistic approach, including parents and families in treatment whenever possible. She has various focuses and trainings. One of her specialties is Eating Disorders.  She is  a contributing author and featured clinician on Recovery Warrior's ConnectED digital magazine, Angie Viet's Inspired Recovery blog, and have a profile on Psychology Today

Associations/Memberships: CAMFT; IAEDP; AED; APA, SBEDC.