Pilates was originally known as "Contrology" increasing strength, flexibility, and mental focus, resulting in body control and muscle tone known for being long and lean!


With Pilates training at WAV PT's Movement Studio in San Clemente, CA, movers have the best of both worlds also being fully equipped with all GYROTONIC® specialized equipment and teachers who are masters of their craft, working alongside health professionals such as Dr. P, owner and Physical Therapist. You can work with one system and/or the other, to experience the differences and find what is right for you and your body!


The Difference Between Pilates and The Gyrotonic Method

Pilates has become a household name with different styles and training programs as it's evolved over the years.  Pilates has specialized equipment such as the pilates reformer, trapeze table, and more, and specialized Gyrotonic equipment is also found in many studios worldwide.  It's important to address these two very different movement systems while welcoming the beauty of movement and freedom to choose what workout is for you on any particular day!  Many have a preference and choose to practice many different modalities.  


As far as equipment goes, the main difference is the spring systems found on the pilates equipment vs. the pulley system with weights found on the Gyrotonic equipment.  The springs help to isolate and build muscle groups.  The further you pull the tension on those springs, the more tension you will feel, and the closer you are you will obviously feel less.  On the Gyrotonic equipment, you will experience the same tension throughout your movement, regardless of where you are in space.  

The Methods:  Linear vs. 3-Dimensional

Pilates is generally more linear or 2-dimensional in nature.  The mover is building strength and flexibility within muscle groups, utilizing breath, and increasing mobility.  That said, it is clearly approached differently in the Gyrotonic Methodology, and the feedback of the Gyrotonic equipment complements this with its weighted pully system and working in fluid spirals and circles.  The Gyrotonic Method is 3 dimensional, activating many co-contracting muscle groups and energetic body systems to help stabilize and expand.  

Pilates, Yoga, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis-- which do you choose?

Many studios and clinics worldwide utilize pilates, yoga, Gyrotonic and other movement modalities as preferred by healthcare professionals. It can be a matter of background, training, and experience. Many movement professionals such as pilates or yoga teachers are also certified in the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods. Pilates teachers can now obtain their CEC's through many Gyrotonic courses. It all simply enriches the possibilities to keep us all moving mindfully!


Come move with us at our WAV Movement Studio! Having access to both mat and specialized equipment use makes the exercise and movement experience like playing on an adult fitness playground, or having an energetic, spiritual experience--assisting and challenging every type of person, be it for recovering from an injury or maintenance for chronic issues, or really looking to up your game as an elite athlete- thus greatly reducing the risk of injury. Each movement system is taught methodically and mindfully, by a licensed and experienced teacher, clarifying the differences between them with care and without judgment. Come, move better, stronger, and with ease at WAV!