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Wellness and vitality begins
with one step, let's get started!


Welcome to WAV PT! We are a physical therapy clinic, pilates studio, and home to


Our strong roots are in manual therapy and movement with 25+ years and thousands of hands-on hours. We help people find natural relief from pain, speed recovery, and to move better, more mindfully and intelligently, taking fitness and longevity to a whole new level. 


Schedule your free consultation today to find out what programs are best for you. It could be a complete Physical Therapy plan of care, utilizing our many wellness services such as infrared therapy, massage, acupuncture, or nutrition coaching.  We offer transformative 1:1 private Pilates or Gyrotonic sessions as well as group Pilates Reformer and Gyrotonic Tower classes that will revitalize your body, mind and spirit!


Click here to book your next session or free consultation with us today. We can't wait to meet you. 

How We Work


Schedule your free

in-person, phone or virtual consultation. This is not required. You can easily book online, text, call, or email to schedule any of our services.


Schedule your initial evaluation to establish your PT plan of care or skip over directly into movement sessions, classes, or any or our wellness services.


Continue to replenish and nurture your body, mind and spirit. Maintenance is the key to longevity. Life is all about continual growth. We are here for you. 

Get Started 

We offer many introductory sessions and packages for all of our wellness services. See our pricing page.

Pre-payment is not required to book appointments, classes or sessions. 

For Physical Therapy patients: You do not need a Doctor's referral before seeing a Physical Therapist.

We accept Medicare, Blue Shield of CA, and Cigna at this time. We are an out of network provider for all other insurance plans. We will supply a superbill upon request for patients to submit for reimbursement for Physical Therapy services. We offer many options for affordable care if we are not contracted with your health insurance provider. Being an out of network provider allows us more 1:1 time with you--our patients, and to work with highly specialized practitioners, giving you a unique and powerful experience for

Physical Therapy, fitness, and wellness!


Our open, serene, 2500 square foot facility has two open studio areas separating our mat, pilates and GYROTONIC® specialized equipment for clients, patients, teachers and practitioners. 

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