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If you already have experience usting either pilates or GYROTONIC® equipment, we welcome you to use our studio space to keep moving! For those newer to the idea, we can help you get started on your own workout regimen so that you can supplement your private sessions or group class workouts on your own, to ensure your workouts are getting to those sweet areas you need!  

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We encourage you to keep moving independently!

We offer 'open gym' type sessions for clients to work out independently on the equipment, if you already have experience and have received an OK from your trainer to ensure safety and understanding of equipment care, studio use and personal settings. 

If you goal is to include personal workouts in your schedule, we can help you to develop your own regimen to explore on your own under indirect supervision from an on site trainer.  This is a great, affordable way to work out more often and practice after private or group instruction with your trainer.  

For Certified Trainers and Apprentice Teachers

Trainers may rent equipment and/or studio space for personal or professional use.  We offer single hourly rates as well as discounted package rates for trainers and apprentices needing to reach their required teaching hours prior to certification.  


Pricing runs $16-$30/hr based on either a month-to-month, 6-or-12-month membership package, or a 10 pack with a 3-month expiration for more flexibility and time to use your sessions. 

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