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Transform your body and elevate your mind with personalized Pilates and Gyrotonic movement sessions designed to unlock your full potential.

Experience superior results by working regularly with one of our highly certified Pilates or Gyrotonic Trainers in private sessions. These 1:1 sessions allow us to customize every minute of your session to fit your body and individual goals, and to provide clear hands-on cues specifically for your body. 

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, or even a teacher, the benefits of regular private sessions with a skilled trainer are invaluable. We firmly believe that your relationship with movement can transform your life, so don't wait! Schedule your first private session today and start your journey towards a stronger, healthier you!

"Simply the best! That says it all. Dr. P and Alicia and all personnel at WAV are highly competent in their disciplines and very focused on client success. It's a beautiful healing environment which makes it a workout that heals body, mind, and spirit. I genuinely look forward to my sessions. They really are one of the highlights of my week. I always leave liking myself more!"


Private sessions include use of the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower and can include Specialized Equipment not used in group classes:


Jump Stretch Board

Leg Extension Unit



Private Session Options

30 Minute "Mini" Sessions

Therapeutic, focused sessions.

55, 85, 115 Minute Private Sessions

In Person or Virtual Sessions Available


Private Pilates sessions include Reformer, jump board, and can also include use of apparatus not used in group classes, including our Balanced Body Pilates Cadillac/reformer combo and Chair. 

Get Started

To view duo specials and ongoing pricing and memberships, visit our plans and pricing page.

Simply book your appointment online or contact us to book.

Stretching on a Mat

Highly Skilled and Compassionate

Our highly certified Pilates and Gyrotonic trainers are either Physical Therapists themselves

or work closely with our on site DPT's to ensure you have the ideal movement training session, preventing injury and helping you to find your maximum potential. 

Even the newest Gyrotonic trainers go through at minimum a year long certification program,

and each additional piece of specialized equipment requires an additional certification.

Some of our senior trainers are teacher trainers themselves, and hold additional certifications and extensive experience working with dancers, high level athletes, applications for scoliosis, pelvic and shoulder girdle, osteoporosis, hip and knee, post stroke, pre/post natal, and more.

We require all of our teachers to maintain current licensing and continuing education.

Achieve health from the inside out, resulting in increased strength,

balance, posture, flexibility, and overall wellness.

Our clients can also enjoy an infrared sauna session or massage before or after their sessions.

Monthly package members receive 10% off a la carte services*, all the time.

Self care is the path to empowerment! 

Book your private session at WAV Movement Studios today.

*Excludes sessions w/Dr. P

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