"Change is only possible 

through Movement."

Aldous Huxley


Regular practice of Gyrotonic exercise can take the body beyond its current limitations. People come out of a Gyrotonic workout session with increased freedom of movement, greater strength, and more agility. Gyrotonic exercises are adapted to fit anyone’s ability, from those recovering from injury or living with a disability to elite athletes.  We should challenge ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Gyrotonic is a method that transcends the typical exercise systems, incorporating every facet of the human body to bring harmony, balance, and strength while creating wellness and vitality.  Whether you are looking to improve function in everyday activities or trying to improve athletic performance in order to crush your competition, The Gyrotonic Method has the answer.  

You Need Gyrotonic

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The Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic Methods of movement exercise both make up the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®. The Gyrokinesis Method is practiced with a mat and stool for sitting, standing and floor work--

no equipment here!  


Without the support and feedback of the equipment, participants rely on their own proprioception while exploring movement exercises.  The spiraling, undulating, fluid movements with corresponding breath patterns create space, decompression, and support, while opening energetic pathways in the body.  We are stimulating the nervous system, gently massaging the internal organs and increasing awareness in the body, leaving participants with a sense of calm at the end of class- and that you have definitely had a full body workout!


Don't let the gentle warm up or mindful slower moments of this class fool you- the method is preparing the body to be able to handle more rigorous movement and the demands of

every day life. 


Regular practice of Gyrokinesis exercise compliments your Gyrotonic equipment workouts and will result in an incredible deep strength and connection through the spine and entire body, and will increase mobility and range of motion in a challenging workout.


The 90-minute format class begins with awakening the senses, self massage and lymphatic stimulation. ​




WAV Wellness and Vitality is a Fully Equipped,

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WAV provides a safe, warm and happy environment for our clients to share.  We have 4 Gyrotonic Pulley Tower Units and all of the new Gyrotonic Specialized Equipment.  Our trainers are personally vetted by us to ensure the highest quality of instruction, detail and care.  

Come move with us!  

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