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Wav Wellness and Vitality Testimonials 


“I have been a client of Scott’s for the last six years. I have suffered from multiple issues with both my neck and back. Scott took me through the SOMA series and I experienced immediate improvement and considerable relief from my pain. As frequent as my schedule allows I try to get in to have a 90 minutes massage with Scott. He always addresses the problem areas – most often without my even point out where they are J. Scott is very professional and pleasant.  I highly recommend him to anyone considering improving their overall health.”  -Tracy, CFO


“I cannot give enough accolades to Scott for what his bodywork has done for me. In his capable hands, I no longer experience the hip and shoulder pain that has eluded other therapies and was putting a serious cramp in my lifestyle. He pays particular attention to what my present needs are and tailors each session to those. He is not only ultra professional and accommodating, but extremely personal.”  -Robert -VP, Global Sales


“I’ve have had neck & back problems for over 10 years and have seen numerous massage therapists to help me try to make positive changes... Scott is the first massage therapist that I really felt got INTO my muscles and made real change that lasts. I've probably seen at least 8-10 therapists and he's by far the best."  -Cristi, Biologist


“I've recently had a return of a chronic illness and felt that massage might help me. My physician suggested I try Reiki as well, as it is totally non-invasive, to relieve anxiety which often accompanies my health issues as I don't generally do well with most conventional or even naturopathic drugs or remedies. I contacted Scott and he set up a program of Reiki and massage and within a very short time I felt a vast improvement in mental and physical health. Scott was able to pinpoint pain areas and work those so that I had relief for the first time in years, which along with Reiki also helped reduce the accompanying anxiety. Massage and/or Reiki has so many long lasting benefits and are such a gentle way of treating difficult health problems. I recommend Scott Parrish highly as he is gifted at pinpointing problem areas and using massage and Reiki to help a person heal.” -Prue, Retired


“The GYROTONIC system has helped me tremendously to reach the P.G.A. Tour. I do GYROTONIC exercise before every round of Golf.” - Mark Wilson (PGA Tour golfer & GYROTONIC Master Trainer)


“GYROTONIC exercise is fundamentally different from Pilates in that GYROTONIC emphasizes circular movements. That is why GYROTONIC has been receiving much attention as a brand new approach to maintaining health and well-being.”  -Liz Brody (Shape Magazine)


“As we get older, collagen in ligaments and joints wears out. GYROTONIC system stretches those parts smoothly and fights against wear and tear by providing additional blood and nutrition.  People with arthritis can benefit from it.” - Mark Darrow (Professor, Medical School, University of California, M.D., PhysicalTherapist)

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