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Group Pilates Reformer, Yoga, GYROTONIC® and 

Let's move together! Our group classes have a personal vibe and are a great opportunity to establish more continuity in your practice and as a great compliment to your private sessions or physical therapy plan of care. 

Check out our many beginner package options for mat, equipment, and private pilates or Gyrotonic training/group class combo packs to get you started today! 

 Intro Class Pack


Four 1-Hour

Gyrotonic Tower or Pilates Reformer Classes

Expires 30 days from first session

in the series. 

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1 Hr Equipment $25

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 Intro Class Pack


Four 1-Hour Gyrokinesis, Pilates Mat or Yoga Classes

Expires 30 days from first session

in the series. 

WAV Specialized Group Fitness Classes

WAV PT offers private pilates classes in its serene clinic with peek-a-boo ocean views in San Clemente near the Dana Point and Capo Beach area. In addition to pilates reformer classes, we offer pilates mat, yoga, yoga and pilates fusion, Gyrotonic Tower classes, Gyrokinesis mat classes, workshops, and more. If you are looking for local pilates classes and beyond, WAV Movement Studio will offer you the opportunity to find a balanced body, core strength, tone muscles, increased weight loss, increased flexibility, and classes focused on relieving shoulder, hip, neck, and back pain. WAV offers pilates for beginners, pilates for seniors, as well as Gyrotonic movement training for beginners through advanced levels with ongoing teacher training support. 


You can check out our pilates class prices here, with the added perk of being able to jump into many low impact workouts and mind body fitness classes and private training all in one package, in one location. We offer multiple mat and equipment classes, therapeutic yoga classes with instructors who are experts in their field, including Physical Therapists and Acupuncturists. 


Do what moves you! Find your optimal wellness and vitality for life! We would love for you to book a free consultation for a private tour and conversation so we can get to know each other. Click here to schedule today. 

Class Descriptions

How do I chose the right class for me? Feel free to ask us any questions regarding getting on and off the floor and if you are currently under a plan of care for physical therapy, or dealing with chronic pain or injury. We are here to help you choose the environment you will be able to grow and feel supported to reach your goals. 

Gyrotonic 101 Beginner  

Gyrotonic Tower Class

Learn to set up the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower and Handle Unit to your optimal weight, tension and settings for different families of exercises. In this supportive class you will learn simple sequences to create body balance, efficiency, functional strength, and flexibility. 


Spiral, Strengthen + Connect Beginner to Intermediate

Gyrotonic Tower Class 

A distinguishing quality of The Gyrotonic Method is that it's a workout and movement system that uses all muscle groups and connections through the whole kinetic chain, creating balanced strength, mobility, and harmony. You will have the opportunity to move on all planes (through spirals of course) with the feedback of the specially designed weighted pulley system rather than springs found on reformers and Megaformers, allowing for safer, more fluid full range of motion without jarring or compression. In this low impact class, you are guaranteed to develop strong abs and core, a strong and supple spine, and toned, defined arms, legs and glutes that are properly connected and mobilized to relieve tension and pain that commonly occur with traditional weight training and fitness classes. Clients typically find that Gyrotonic sessions are the most effective at creating more spinal mobility and stability. 


Balance + Flow Beyond Limits Intermediate to Advanced

Gyrotonic Tower Class 

Taking the body beyond its limitations- that’s the Gyrotonic Method! Develop dynamic strength and flexibility with the Gyrotonic Expansion System. You will tone and sculpt long, lean, and mean muscles with balanced mobility, grace, and calm for your body, mind, and spirit. Flowing through movement with signature breath patterns, your nervous system will thank you. Taught by highly qualified trainers with expert hands-on guiding cues. 


Wingmaster Pulley Tower Intermediate to Advanced

Gyrotonic Tower Class

This tower class will include more use and focus of the Gyrotonic Wingmaster-- an attachment accessory to the pulley tower that challenges arm and core strength, balance, and intensifies movement sequences for an added full body, strengthening workout! 


Inner Dancer  Beginner to Intermediate

Gyrotonic Tower Class

Harness your inner dancer with this Gyrotonic Tower and barre class! We will move through barre work, battements, port de bras, and more in this beautiful class and workout for the dancer in all of us!


Specialized Equipment Circuit Class Intermediate to Advanced

An opportunity to experience the fantastic pieces of specialized equipment. Prior experience is required unless approved. 

Dance Conditioning  Intermediate to Advanced

Our healthy dancer classes and workshops are designed to educate and enrich outside of regular ballet or dance class. Enhance performance, prevent injury, and encourage healthy body image. Topics and class focus will include turnout, upper body mobility, hip stability and mobility, breath, endurance and more. 


Embodied Movement  Intermediate

Hybrid Gyrokinesis/Gyrotonic Tower Class

Bring all body systems into balance with movement, breath and embodiment. This class is a revitalizing blend of Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic Methods, with and without equipment! You will strengthen, tone, and mobilize all muscle groups and joints to walk out of class feeling like you just had a spa treatment combined with a revitalizing and restorative workout! Classes are taught by highly trained teachers with expert hands-on cues. 


WAV Riders Movement for Surfers

Open to all levels, explore movement concepts with specialized equipment and mat work to increase mobility, functional strength, and power to execute airs, turns, cut backs, and overall longevity in surfing performance! 


Sculpt + Tone  Beginner-Intermediate

Pilates Reformer Class 

Turn up your reps and strengthen your core through resistance training in this pilates reformer class utilizing props such as the pilates circle, hand weights, and balls to stabilize, strengthen, and sweat. 


Core Concepts  Beginner 

Pilates Reformer Class

A great fundamentals class for beginners and beyond with close attention to your form, alignment and control. Build core strength, strong abs, as well as upper and lower body strength in this all around great workout that will show results fast with regular practice. You will also improve balance, posture and mental focus as we explore lying, sitting, and standing work into this fun reformer flow! 


Empowered  Intermediate-Advanced

Pilates Reformer Class

This class will leave you feeling strong and empowered! A pilates reformer flow class that will power up the inner heat with more resistance training and use of props such as hand weights


Vitality Glow and Flow  All levels welcome


Vinyasa Flow with Marisa Puente, Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She is a licensed acupuncturist, clinical herbalist, and certified yoga instructor. Learn how acupuncture, yoga, and all of our body mind movement modalities intrinsically compliment each other for increased healing capabilities. Practicing yoga and receiving acupuncture in a group setting can unite energies within the room, which creates an additional support to the healing journey. Marisa is trained in neurological acupuncture to treat post-stroke patients and those with other neurological disorders, and has done work with the Naval Special Warfare. From 2015 to 2019 Marisa had the privilege of training U.S. Navy SEALs in a stretch therapy modality to help them increase range of motion and flexibility, enhance performance, and overcome injuries. Don’t miss this amazing flow class with the expertise Marisa brings to the mat and beyond! 

Moonlight Yoga (Yin)  All levels welcome

Vinyasa Flow with Dr. Erin Mackin, Physical Therapist and certified yoga teacher. Breathe deeply and flow through and after sunset with dim lighting, candles, and a little heat-- winding down with movement and relaxation to calm the nervous system.


WAV PD Movement All are welcome

Specialized attention to movement for Parkinesons and other neurological conditions, great for balance, coordination and inspiration for all.


Yoga Pilates Fusion  All levels welcome

Flow through yoga poses and strengthening pilates mat sequences for a full body workout, increasing strength, flexibility, stabilization and control. 


The Gyrokinesis Method Adaptable to any level

Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods are a unique, holistic approach to movement! Coordinate your movement, breath, and mental focus with no equipment is needed- you can spiral and connect anywhere, any time as a wonderful supplement to equipment classes. We just use a stool, mat, and props as needed. This class will address the entire body, opening energetic pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion and creating functional strength through rhythmic, flowing sequences. You will leave class feeling grounded, mobile, and calm, not to mention sore from this revitalizing full-body workout! Our classes and workshops include Restorative Gyrokinesis, Gyrokinesis Flow, Gyrokinesis Fun with Bands, and other formats and workshops.


Pilates Mat All levels welcome

Strengthen your core, lengthen, focus, and stabilize in pilates mat classes. We will incorporate the use of props such as foam rollers, therabands, pilates ring, and more to challenge and align your body. 


Therapeutic Pilates Mat All levels welcome

Ease your pain while strengthening and stabilizing your core with Liz Montagna, Physical Therapist and certified yoga and pilates teacher. You will enjoy a fun; full body workout that is customized to each student in class to rehabilitate any injuries and relieve chronic pain. Develop a strong, balanced body with targeted mobility and strengthening exercises that will leave you feeling energized.


Therapeutic Yoga All levels welcome

No matter what your injury or limitation, this class is for you. Learn how to move into yoga poses safely and mindfully with the assistance of props and expert hands-on guidance of Physical Therapist Liz Montagna. All classes are customized to each student and carefully sequenced to bring structural balance and ease to your body. Learn how to apply these functional yoga poses and movements to your everyday activities to improve your body mechanics, posture, and functional ease.

Restorative Yoga All levels welcome

Relax, refresh, and restore your body with gentle supported yoga poses. Learn relaxation, breathing and meditation techniques to cleanse the body and mind of emotional stress muscular tension and fatigue.

A Note About Equipment Classes:

Private sessions are strongly recommended to join equipment classes unless you have prior experience. We offer several introductory packages to get you started! 

Note:  If you have a current injury or limitations where you might need extra support or modifications for therapeutic applications, please consult with us before starting classes.