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TMJ Syndrome affects up to 40% of the population at some point in their life.  TMJ can be extremely frustrating and painful and has a dramatic affect on our daily living. 

TMJ medical abbreviation of temporomandi

Physical Therapy Treatment for TMJ 

Physical Therapy is an excellent option in reducing symptoms, relieving pain, and preventing re-occurrences.  Many treatments will include soft tissue manipulation of the outside jaw muscles as well as up the side of the head and joint manipulations to the TMJ itself.  While this can be beneficial it is missing one crucial muscle group that can only be accessed by going inside the mouth.  The Pterygoid muscle group is responsible for many movements of the jaw including mastication and during mandibular movements such as protrusion (forward movement of the mandible), abduction (depression of the mandible), mediotrusion (movement of the mandibular condyle towards the midline) and particularly during speaking, singing and clenching.  We have found that by including intra-oral manipulations to these muscles has a profound impact on relieving TMJ Dysfunction.  If you are experiencing TMJ Syndrome and have not had any success in treatment then come see us and we can help.

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