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What is Gyrokinesis

What is Gyrokinesis | Gyrokinesis Training | WAV PT

You've heard it in passing, but what is Gyrokinesis? Gyrokinesis can be adapted to fit almost anyone's ability. It is a movement method that addresses the body as a whole by opening energy pathways, increasing range of motion, stimulating the nervous system and providing strength through flowing movement. The Gyrokinesis Method is practiced on a mat and chair, without equipment.

Gyrokinesis Orange County

Gyrokinesis Definition

Wav Wellness and Vitality offers Gyrokinesis courses for everyone including private training, group classes and independent training. These classes will help you explore movement sequences that stimulate your body's major organ systems, work your joints and your muscles resulting in space, decompression and support throughout your body.


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Gyrokinesis Training

What is Gyrokinesis Exercise

Gyrokinesis will result in an incredible deep strength and connection through the spine and entire body, unbelievably increasing the mobility and range of motion of your body. This full body workout is less stressful on the body than most workout routines, has zero impact on joints and will transform your entire body. Try Gyrokinesis classes today with Wav Wellness and Vitality, your body will thank you.

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Betty S.
Moved from Florida a few months a ago. So fortunate to find Scott when I searched for a structural integrative massage therapist. I've just completed 10 sessions with him and feel fantastic! Scott is knowledgeable and passionate about his work. His form of therapy is thorough and educational.
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