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Fascial Health: A Fitness and Wellness Goal

What is fascia?

Living life to the fullest of one’s ability requires optimal control over both posture (static positioning) and movement (dynamic positioning). Static and dynamic control of posture and movement relies upon the connective tissue system – muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules; in addition to bones, blood vessels, adipose tissue (fat), and nerves in order to maintain structural integrity of body position. When viewed in their isolated form, the connective tissue structures can appear independent of each other. However, what connects and unifies the entire connective tissue system is the extremely complex and integrative tissue known as fascia. When balance is achieved between the deep and superficial “myofascial systems”, posture and movement will be smooth, coordinated, and efficient. In other words, the individual will utilize the exact right amount of effort to successfully complete their functional tasks or activities. However, when an imbalance develops between the systems, there is increased likelihood for developing compensatory postural and/or movement strategies. When there is inhibition of the deep myofascial system following injury or trauma, the individual will adopt a compensatory strategy and increase activity of the superficial myofascial system. This imbalance alters joint alignment, increases myofascial tone and gripping, and directly contributes to many common postural issues and non-optimal movement patterns. Gradually, these postural issues and non-optimal movement patterns manifest as chronic myofascial restrictions (tightness), joint degeneration, and/or pain.1

Here at WAV, we approach rehabilitation, fitness and movement through manual therapies and a network of holistic, whole-body approaches that complement the other, by way of specialized Physical Therapy and beyond utilizing Bodywork and the GYROTONIC® Method to create lasting change, help get to the root of the cause of chronic issues, strengthen, mobilize, and enhance performance to help you feel amazing in your body! We are invested in helping individuals to take charge of their health and feel empowered. To do this, we must address the body as a whole- what we put in it, what we do to it, how we move it, (not just moving or exercising one part of our body repeatedly), and how invested we are in healthy maintenance overall.

We talk a lot about Bodywork and Structural Integration, let's add Gyrotonic exercise into the equation. Anywhere you move in the Gyrotonic Method you are moving fascia. This has been an intrinsic aspect of our work and it is intentional. Its intelligent design came from an intimate and deep process of observing the true nature of the body. The vision that resulted from this process has led the inventor, Juliu Horvath to create the methodology we have today.2

2. Bamberger, Juergen, AMT. Fascia – The New Buzzword a GYROTONIC® Trainer Needs to Know. Accessed March 21, 2017.



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